Caring for your Implant supported Bridge

Taking proper care of your implant supported bridge is important in maintaining good oral health and ensuring the longevity of your restoration and the implants supporting it. Just like your natural teeth, your bridge requires proper daily cleaning to maintain optimal health.

Caring for your bridge can be challenging because of the need to not only brush and floss around it, but to also care for tissue underneath it to eliminate plaque buildup that can inflame the gums and damage the implants.  Make sure to brush the supporting dental implants at and below the gum line like you would with a natural tooth.

In order to effectively clean this area it is helpful to use what is called superfloss or a floss threader. You should insert the floss threader underneath the replacement tooth where it sits on top of the gums. Then pull until the spongy part of the superfloss touches the bridge.

Next, gently move the spongy part back and forth along the gum and base of the bridge in order to remove any remaining plaque under the replacement tooth. Slide the sponge up and down in order to clean the surface of the supporting implants.

It is also important to use floss or an interdental brush to clean in between the bridge and neighboring natural teeth.

Regular cleaning of your bridge will help prevent plaque buildup that can cause inflammation of the gums, which over time can lead to gum recession, bone loss, and implant- related gum disease that can potentially result in loss of the implants.

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