What is the difference between a Bridge and a Dental Implant?

Both a bridge and a dental implant are excellent options for replacing your missing tooth. In most cases, both will require multiple appointments to complete and careful consultation with your doctor to establish which is the right one for you.

A bridge provides a replacement tooth by using teeth on either side of the missing tooth for support. They can generally be completed in a matter of weeks.  Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth (or teeth) will need to be reduced, which may compromise the healthy teeth.  Since a bridge does not replace the missing root structure, you are at an increased risk of bone loss over time. Keeping a bridge clean requires frequent cleaning to prevent bacteria buildup.

Another option is a dental implant. The implant serves as an artificial root, anchoring the replacement tooth in place. This also helps protect and preserve the area from tissue loss and recession.  An implant can be cared for just like any natural tooth. It also does not require removal of potentially healthy structure from the neighbouring teeth to support it.

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