About Dental Implants

Understanding All About Dental Implants

The dental health and oral care areas of general dentistry is improving tremendously with each passing day. The technological improvements in dentistry have opened up various ways by which people who have suffered dental loss or missed teeth for various reasons can now have artificial teeth which looks no different than their original teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots to provide an alternate foundation for replacement crowns in place of original tooth.

Why should you opt for dental implants?

Dental implant has many advantages for people who are considering replacing their missed or lost teeth, including the following:

Improved Appearance:

Dental implants are a latest technology in cosmetic dentistry which helps people to choose the size and shape of the teeth they want to get for themselves. Dental implants look very natural because the colour of the teeth matches with the other teeth in the mouth. The choice of size and shape gives the user an option to design his/her own smile according to his wish.

Increased Comfort:

Dental implants look and work like natural teeth that is why the routine of taking care of implants is the same as your natural teeth. Unlike removable dentures which has to be removed for cleaning, implants are hassle-free.

Better Speech:

Before the choice of implants was available, people who had lost or missing teeth used to wear dentures. Many times, the dentures slip within the moth making the speech a little mumbled due to slipped tongue. Dental implants are not loose, therefore there is not a worry about it slipping or moving from its place which helps in speech.

Ease of Chewing:

Dentures which are removable, has a hazard of moving from its place for many reasons. Chewing becomes very difficult if the denture moves. Since dental implants acts and feels like natural teeth, there is no question of its being moved, and that is a very big help in the chewing process, in company also.

Increased Confidence:

Because of improved speech and the ability to speak clearly in social situations gives the used more self-confidence resulting in improved self -concept. The better smile allows him to be more confident in social situation which allows him to choose a better life for him.

Improvement in Oral Health:

Unlike dentures and other teeth restoration method, dental implants do not affect adjoining teeth. The tooth crown is fixed on the implant with the help of an abutment. The neighbouring tooth does not have to be scraped which is the case if a bridge has to be fixed on the natural teeth. The original teeth which are healthy remain the same increasing longevity of the teeth by helping with improved oral health.

Very Durable:

Dental implants are more durable, because they are fixed like natural tooth roots. Implants are longer-lasting than most restoration and if taken care of properly, they usually last for life.

High success rate:

Dental implants have been found to be 98% successful.

What is the procedure to get dental implants for restoration of lost teeth?

The dental implant procedure begins with the first visit when your dentist examines you to decide whether you are the perfect candidate for dental implant. He checks for any specific need of yours. He then discusses the aspects of dental implants including the visits required for the treatment. Your dentist then assembles a team of trained professionals who will assess your case and make an individual dental implant installation plan keeping in mind your needs and requirements based on your current status and your medical history. The team works in coordination so that everything proceeds as planned, as is best for you.

Before the dental implant treatment starts, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth, and prepares a model on the computer for your approval. You can decide how you want your teeth to look like. He will show you images of various sizes and shapes of the teeth to choose from. Once you decide what size and shape you want your teeth to be, the dentist will make the 3 D model so that he can order teeth accordingly from the lab.

What are dental implants made of?

Dental implant is a metal screw which is made of titanium and which acts as a root of a tooth on which your replaced artificial tooth will be fixed.

The titanium screw is implanted in the place of the missing tooth in the jawbone. The soft tissues in the jawbone start bonding and growing around the metal screw surrounding it completely in a few months. Once the screw is totally embedded and anchored into the jawbone, it is ready to support the new crown on top of it. This process may take between 2 to 6 months depending on the age and health of the patient.

Once the metal implant is secure in its place, a small metal post which works as a connector is attached on top of the metal screw; called an abutment. It secures the new tooth with the metal post in place.

Once the abutment is fixed on top of the dental implant, he will order the tooth or teeth that you have approved, from the lab. When the replacement tooth or crown as it is called, arrives, it is attached on top of the abutment with tiny screws and dental grade cement.

It is possible to attach more than one crown on a dental implant. Some people opt for a bridge between two dental implants instead of one crown, if they have more missing teeth.

Once the crown is placed on top of the implant, it is ready to be used as you would your natural tooth.

The procedure is very smooth, if the general health of the patient is good and also the patient follows all the instructions given during the treatment.

During the treatment the dentist will use anaesthesia as and when required. A little discomfort will be felt during the entire treatment on and off, but nothing that cannot be managed.

After the complete procedure, the new crowns will look, feel, and act like original teeth.

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