Crown Preparation with Core Build-Up

When a tooth is severely damaged, and there is not enough of the natural tooth remaining to support a crown, a procedure called a “build up” is performed. Composite is used to add back enough structure to the tooth so that it can be crowned and preserved.

First of all, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed and a special bonding solution is applied. This will ensure the composite build up material adheres to the tooth.  A special curing light is then used to set the bonding fluid.  

After that, the composite material is applied to fill the prepared area and extend the structure of the tooth. Again, using the curing light, the shaped composite core is solidified into place.  Your doctor will shape the core of the tooth so it can support a crown. 

After making final adjustments, your crown is ready to be designed. In cases of severe decay, your doctor may leave the buildup in place for a period of time to monitor and make sure it will successfully support a crown.  

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